playlist // start of summer! by jamie atlas

Jamie Grill Photography, summer food commercial gallery

First of all, check out those mouthwatering summer food stills Marisa and I got the other day. Tomatoes and burgers and rose forever! They’ll be available for licensing s o o n at Tetra Images. Also- it’s very unusual that I make a mix of music that doesn’t include divas, pop chicks, moody sirens, or girl power ballads of SOME kind or other…but I’ve had this playlist on repeat lately, and it’s ALL DUDES. What? I dunno - for some reason these guys are making me feel all start of summer-y. Check it out on Spotify now!

shoot gallery // film by jamie atlas

When I’m shooting just for myself, not thinking about work at all, I shoot film. It’s the medium of my heart. I love its tones, its grainy, analog imperfection and how you have to WAIT FOR IT to come back from the lab, without the instant gratification and chance-for-constant-tweaking that digital lends. There isn’t as much control and opportunity, instead there’s patience, trust, and letting go. My daughter brought this phrase home from her teacher at school: “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.” That’s what film tells me. And when you get it right, the satisfaction is tenfold. For the fist time since switching all my professional work to digital about 15 years ago, I just uploaded some film from my personal work to Stocksy (available for license in a day or two). Here are a few from my collection of favorites…

Jamie Grill Photography, film gallery

shoot gallery // s u m m e r by jamie atlas

I know, I k n o w, the solstice isn’t until June 21st…but Memorial Day has passed, and so I claim that SUMMER is upon us! The colors, hot sunshine, water sprays, and energy burst of the season are what I love to capture most - the images I take in summer months are the true expression of my heart, and are almost always my favorites of the year. Sure, there is beauty to the quiet, dimmer images of winter, but I am basically itching all winter to post their bright summer counterparts. So here are a few of my favorites, all taken in 2018 or ‘19 so far. As always, you can license my work at Stocksy, Tetra, or Getty Images.

Jamie Grill Photography, summer gallery