I am a                                                                               native New Yorker, optimist, dance party fan,                sister, mama, wife,                                                                    lover of soul music, wine enthusiast,                 chip-off-the-old-block                                                                photographer specializing in up-beat, honest lifestyle & still-life imagery.

My producer extraordinaire,                                                      Marisa Migdal, keeps me sane,                                                        giggling,                                                                                organized.

For 14 years we've produced authentic, concept-driven commercial lifestyle images. Creating 2000-3000 images a year, the two of us do it all- produce, direct, style, and shoot. We work lean and relaxed. (Plus sometimes we go out for hot dogs and fancy cocktails).

We are also available to provide whimsical portraits for family sessions and swoon-worthy blog imagery, often with at least one of our toddlers under foot.

Thanks for checking us out!                                                                              - Jamie Grill Atlas

LINKS // I am a founding owner and top-earning photographer at BLEND IMAGES, the world's leading multicultural commercial stock agency, and am a proud co-op member at STOCKSY UNITED.

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Photo by my husband, Reuben Atlas, back before we had babies and we had time to lounge about in hammocks...