playlist // start of summer! by jamie atlas

Jamie Grill Photography, summer food commercial gallery

First of all, check out those mouthwatering summer food stills Marisa and I got the other day. Tomatoes and burgers and rose forever! They’ll be available for licensing s o o n at Tetra Images. Also- it’s very unusual that I make a mix of music that doesn’t include divas, pop chicks, moody sirens, or girl power ballads of SOME kind or other…but I’ve had this playlist on repeat lately, and it’s ALL DUDES. What? I dunno - for some reason these guys are making me feel all start of summer-y. Check it out on Spotify now!

playlist // upbeat photoshoot mix by jamie atlas


The images I love best are full of energy and bursts of emotion. To elicit that kind of moment (especially when you’re photographing models, who likely haven’t met you or each other before) you need ways of creating an environment that’s up-beat and free. Music, of course, is one of the best tools for setting a vibe, whether it’s moody and soulful, toe-tappy and happy, or anything in between. In 15 years of shooting, we’ve gone through plenty of different playlists - there was that year that Marisa and I ODed on Christmas Carols before Christmas ever came. And that month or so we had Beyoncé’s “4” playing on loop. Usually, our studio tunes are a mix of upbeat indie rock with a strong current of girl pop running through. And Beyoncé. Below is one such playlist, which I’ve been bopping around to lately. May it bring you happy, jump-around shoot day vibes suitable for twirling and laughing in the most photo-worthy ways!


Click below to listen on Spotify!

playlist // Hanalai daydreams by jamie atlas

My one trip to Kauai 4 years ago has me hooked for life, and this year I converted my annual winter blahs into a serrrious longing for Hawaii. My obsession rubbed off on my 3-year-old, who now has a grass skirt and tells people we're actually moving there (her obsession at least partly enhanced by the fact that we've seen Lilo and Stitch approximately 18 times recently). One way Vivi and I have fueled our addiction is by listening to Hawaiian music, especially around dinner and bath time. It's so calming and makes me so happy! Here's a link to the "Hanalei Daydream" playlist we've been dancing around to - you, too, can create the deluded illusion that you're moving to Hawaii! Or, now that spring is here, our hula can be a happy dance!

And if you need even more Kauai in your life, the print above, taken at Hanalei Bay, is available for sale in my print shop.