using foreground to give depth to your photography by jamie atlas

Life is rarely framed as neatly as we compose our photos. Sometimes that’s exactly what we love about photography – it lends a frame to a piece of life that we might otherwise miss, it elevates the moment. But sometimes, that neat framing removes us from the feeling of the moment all together. One way to maintain the depth and realism of a moment is to include a foreground in your composition. Rather than just focusing on your subject, consider what you’re shooting past.

I wrote a guest post over on the MCP Actions blog about creating a foreground when composing your photos. For the full post, and more photo examples, check it out HERE!

capturing candid moments when photographing children by jamie atlas


There’s nothing more unnatural than the crusty position of a child’s mouth while he groans “cheeeeese” for the 18th time in a row. The moments most worth capturing are ones that have a breath of reality, spontaneity, and whimsy to them. There are a couple simple techniques, way better than yelling cheese, for capturing that spontaneity in our images.

I wrote a guest post over at the MCP Actions blog about capturing these types of candid moments when photographing children - for the complete post, including more photo examples and tips like "please, please don't ever ask them to say cheese," click here!