jamie grill photography family sessions

portrait sessions

We are now offering family and newborn portrait
sessions. These are not staid, formal portraits,
but easy-going sessions of me witnessing
some real,
   during an hour or two together with you.

In my 14 years of commercial photography, I’ve had the honor of photographing many real couples and family members together, and I’ve loved the chance to capture the dynamic of what is
       real and natural
              between them.

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JGP family photo sessions

child / family sessions

My family sessions are laid-back and fun, and capture the spirit of childhood and the natural dynamic between family members. It's my goal create photos that will grow old with you, that will forever evoke the feeling of being together in this moment (when you're not navigating a meltdown or trying to get everyone's shoes on). We can shoot at your home or location of your choice - just the kids, or the whole clan plus pets - we can tailor the session to what you most want to capture.


motherhood sessions

A session for mamas and littles only- in celebration of that unique bond between mothers and children, which is at once so raw and intense but also fleeting and often unseen. Mothers pour every piece of themselves into tasks both mundane and profound, and yet are somehow usually in the least amount of family photos. In my motherhood sessions, I aim to capture this season in her life, to honor the everyday moments, however fleeting and messy, and to celebrate these days together.

JGP newborn photo sessions


I love to be a witness to the hazy blur of newborn days. In the hospital or in your home any time thereafter, I can capture the beauty and bonding amidst the sleepless delirium. If your house is a disaster and you feel a little cuckoo, I've been there. My newborn sessions are casual and calm, and capture a bit of what is most sacred about these days, so you have a souvenir of these crazy, cozy times long after the fog clears.

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