Social Media + Custom Content

We offer custom content production for social media, blogs, and small businesses + brands. I love collaborating with other makers and independent businesses!

Our extensive experience with stock shoots makes us one-stop-shopping for content creation - we can cast + book models, art direct, style. These small- to medium-scale projects can be photographed at my shoot location property, or we can come to your business location and shoot together. Discounts and trades can be arranged if you would like to sign a release for stock photo use, when applicable. Below are some examples of custom projects, but the possibilities are endless! We’ve photographed everything from schools to newspapers, toys to cocktails and everything in between.

Please contact me so we can start working out the details of creating imagery worthy of your project!



We specialize in photographing children… so we’re basically experts in making a mess. Our work has been featured by 4M Toys, Flintstones vitamins, Campbell’s, GB Strollers, Montclair Kimberly Academy, Family Circle Magazine, Parents Magazine, Gerber, and more. From booking through production, we create imagery that captures the essence of childhood - nostalgic, silly, and full of whimsy. Let us embrace the mess for you!


bloggers / lifestyle

We have extensive experience photographing people in all kinds of lifestyle situations. The possibilities are endless! We can photograph you as you work, in day-in-the-life situations, as well as various authentic portraits. Or we can book and hire talent and produce any lifestyle shoot necessary for your content needs. Our shooting style is laid-back and fun, but extremely efficient, producing a high number of distinctly unique images in one shoot day.



You need beautiful imagery to make your product shine on your website, blog and social media. We work quickly and efficiently in producing product imagery, either alone or with talent. We will work together with you to customize the shoot to fit your design and branding, and then you can simply send us your product and let us take care of the rest! Or we can come to your place of business and photograph your product in your space, with you or your team.

JGP custom content


Let us pour you a cocktail! We have a lot of experience producing still-life imagery that is bright and authentic. Send us your recipes, or simply provide us with a color scheme or style, and we can produce custom tabletop content for you, with or without talent. The possibilities aren’t limited to food and beverages – we can also shoot desk set-ups and flat lays of all kinds.


small businesses on location

Let us come to your place of work and catch you in action! In one shoot, we can capture your workflow, the creation of your products, your team working together, your space, as well as the beauty shots of your product necessary for your constant content needs. (These shoots lend themselves well to trades for stock shoots, if you’re interested in signing releases).

Jamie Grill Photography, custom content creation