shooting in winter / by jamie atlas

Photography is all about light. And so the slushy grey days of mid-winter can seem like the death knell of creative inspiration. We produce commercial shoots every week, and I find it really challenging to stay inspired to keep shooting every time February rolls around. Where are the splashy bright puddles of golden summer sunshine?! But there is always beauty to find if you slow down enough to seek it out. In the slow, calm, cozy days of winter, there is beauty in the muted colors of dimmer days and the pastel effect of lower contrast light. Photographing in winter means finding warmth in a window and tracking down each sliver of sunshine. And my favorite of all, because the sun is lower in the sky, you can find delicious hazy flares even in the middle of the day. Anyone can take a pretty picture in golden hour on the beach, but it is deeply satisfying to discover the more subtle brightness in the stillness of mid-winter.

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